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Welcome To RyCycle!

We’re the safe, secure and responsible choice for Colorado’s e-cycling needs.

We’ll responsibly recycle pretty much anything which plugs into the wall or runs on batteries. (And we’ll even recycle the batteries, too!)

Additionally, we’re always available to explore how we can help you safely dispose of any non-traditional or potentially hazardous electronic materials. With over 10 years of experience, our team is proven, professional and capable.

Don’t Say R.I.P. to Your C.P.U.

In Colorado, you shouldn’t just leave your electronics out on the curb for regular trash pick-up. It’s terrible for the environment to put electronics in a landfill, it’s dangerous because your personal information can be compromised and, when all is said and done, throwing electronics away is a needless waste.

It’s also illegal for most businesses and, after July 1st, 2013, it’ll be illegal for consumers, too.

The safe, legal and ethical way to dispose of unwanted electronics is to use the services of an electronics recycling company.

At RyCycle, we don’t just make it easy for you to get rid of your old electronics. We also make it easy to do so in a way that both protects your data and is environmentally responsible.

How Does it All Work?

If you’re a business, we’ll pick up electronics right from your location. If you’re an individual with just a few items to get rid of, we’ve got you covered, too. Or take advantage of our consolidated pick-ups or Drop Off Events, perfect for all sorts of groups. Organize an “electronics drive” for your neighborhood, among your co-workers, for your church or any other organization. You might be surprised by how many of your friends and neighbors have unused, unwanted computer or electronic hardware that they’re just waiting for an opportunity to get rid of.

A RyCycle pick-up isn’t just good for your community, its good for your personal security. Because every piece of computing equipment we pick up is thoroughly wiped clean with one pass zeroing.

There’s a safe, responsible, and easy way to get rid of your unwanted electronics—and that way is “RyCycling.” We look forward to hearing from you! Together, we can all make the planet a little cleaner, and everyday life a little less cluttered.

Ryan C. Banham
RyCycle Founder

Reuse is the Ultimate Recycling

At RyCycle, we take your used electronics and, for lack of a better term, “tear their guts out.” Your hard drives, and any other storage devices which contain personal information, are wiped clean with industry-standard one pass zeroing. (Visit our Data Destruction page for more information.)

Once your personal info is gone for good, we then turn your electronics into discounted computers and parts. Almost everything electronic contains some working parts -- the trick is to harvest those working parts and refurbish them into quality replacement parts, and even full machines.

These “new” parts, electronics and computers are then sold or given to charity.

What we sell helps offset our operating costs -- and the savings are passed on to you! Our pick-up costs are usually the lowest around. Plus, our pick-ups are priced by square footage, not weight – which makes the process much simpler for you.

And here’s more good news -- “upcycling” your electronics keeps them out of landfills, and instead puts them into the hands of folks who will put the devices to good use.

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